Gravity Sickness


Hello and welcome to my “blog”… I created this site with the primary intention of sharing devlogs for a game I have been developing.

I am working on a 3D “scape-like” (as in old-school runescape), sci-fi RPG called Gravity Sickness. It uses tiled-based maps edited in LDtk and translates the 2D tile information into a 3D space. It will probably be point-and-click based, I am only invisitioning this game as a desktop pc experience at the moment.

I am using the Bevy 🔗 game engine, which is powered by the Rust programming language. Originally I wanted to learn Rust because I have spent so long writing TypeScript I felt disconnected from the rest of the computing world. Then upon finding Bevy the ECS, code-first approach to game-design sucked me in right away.

Months have passed now and I’ve got quite a lot to show for it! Thank you to 🔗 and specifically Quaternius 🔗 for the free to use assets to get me going quickly with 3D models and animations.

(The models shown in the screenshots/casts below are only being used for development, I am planning on creating a whole set of assets to match the aesthetic I have in mind for gravity sickness)

January 13, 2024

This shows an early look at the game. I had just gotten LDtk map loading in a working state! (I handrolled my own solution for this because I was unaware of bevy_ecs_ldtk 🔗 at the time. I may migrate to this package eventually.)

January 22, 2024

This is the first record I have of teleporting to / loading the another level. The ico-spheres here are a visualization of NPC spawners. (They are added to the level via an Entity in LDtk)

January 28, 2024

Combat enabled! This is a early recording of hit-splats and enemy health bars. Both make heavy use of bevy_mod_billboard 🔗.

March 15, 2024

Here we have some of my attempt at using bevy_ui. I managed to implement a dark-souls-like quick item UX. The items are assigned in the inventory menu, and used via the 1, 2 and 3 keys on the keyboard.

March 18, 2024

I made this website today! But relevant to the game~ I finished implementing an animal crossing style dialogue system. The attached screencast has no sound, but each letter has an associated audio sample that plays as it is presented.

(Stay tunned for how this works! I am absolutely going to write a post about it.)

This makes use of Bevy’s built in audio system, and YarnSpinner-Rust 🔗.

And that about wraps up everything I wanted to put in this initial post! A lot of steps of the development process were skipped over, but I am hoping that having this blog will allow me to keep better track moving forward!

If you have any questions about things covered here or have suggestions about what I should write about next find me on Discord -> @bleyve.