I am mostly a web developer who started hacking the web back when I was 11. This introduced to me the magic of computers at a formative age and shaped how I see the world.

I have been a practing JavaScript zeolot (for better and for worse) since my last few years of high school. Preaching the word of HTML5 and the canvas element, projecting the downfall of Flash.

I started doing React during my capstone work in college, and have been writting React professionally ever since. I am now a huge advocate for TypeScript and the oposite of an abvocate for Python.

At the end of last year I started to learn Rust and got sucked in. This spawened a new adventure for me into the world of game development. I am spending alot of my time working with Bevy.

This website will host a collection of devlogs, tutorials, thought and actions.